Get the Best Customer Service and the Best Copier!

World Class Customer Service!

Are you tired of this – “For billing dial 1, for sales dial 2, for technical support dial 3, for something else dial 4, etc?”  Would you like to be able to call your copier company and have them just take care of your issue?  We are here for you.  Sure we cost a bit more, but we are here for you.  We give you the cell number to both your rep and the owner if you are part of our White Glove experience.   We know for some companies, being down is not an option.  We can work with you to sell you products that allow for you to quickly swap out a part yourself, we know, you are not a tech, but it is easy and fixes the problem in a minute rather than hours.

When we really have to have it taken care of by a tech, we send a tech to you.  We get you up and running quickly.  We work with high end advertising agencies, we work with the fashion industry, we work with financial institutions who require solutions that are out of the box to ensure there is no down time.  This is where our company excels.  We work on a solution to your problem, not just a sales pitch.  When we understand what it is you are trying to accomplish with your copier, we work with you to ensure there is a solution that will take care of that goal.

Please give us a call to learn more about the services we offer on copiers in NYC!