Business machineHere in NYC there are a lot of companies selling copiers.  If you are an attorney and need copiers for your law firm, we can help.  We sell copiers to attorneys and most of the copiers we sell include features like Bates Stamping and duplex scanning to help the documents get into your document management system.

We work hard to keep your law firm running smoothly.  We understand with labor costs billing at $400+ an hour, a copier being down can cost a lot of money.  This is why we do some things to help make your firm run smoothly.

  • We allow you to keep a full set of consumables on the shelf.  This ensures you don’t run out of toner and have to wait a day for a delivery to print again
  • We will put a small back up copier on site to give you a failsafe in case there ever is trouble.
  • 85% of service calls don’t even need technician involvement because of how simple Xerox makes changing out parts.

We have worked with both smaller and bigger firms and would love to help out your NYC law firm with their next copier!  Please call us for assistance.