Advertising Industry

Xerox has awesome copiers, part of the WorkCentre 78XX family which include the WorkCentre 7830, WorkCentre 7835, WorkCentre 7845 and WorkCentre 7855,  The WorkCentre 7845 gets its number because it is rated at 45 pages per minute.  The WorkCentre 7830 is 30 pages per minute.   All of the copiers in this series though are pretty awesome.

The best part about these copiers is how they handles really thick paper.  All of these copiers can handle paper up to 300gsm which is ballpark 140# paper.  This is thicker than most business cards.  For those in the fashion or advertising industry this is perfect as it allows you to show clients wide ranges of media so that it will accurately represent the output you are expecting when you send the job out of house.

For those wanting to make specific changes to their document, Xerox has award software called Color by Words that comes with this series.  This will take the place of Fiery for most agencies who are picky about getting perfect color.

With a copier that can easily handle 10,000 pages a month, have flexible color and handle the thickest documents, the Award Winning Xerox 78XX Series is perfect!