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NYC Copier Sales and Leasing

Get the Best Customer Service and the Best Copier!

We know your business is valuable to us. If you have a problem, you will have the owner's personal cell number to call to get it resolved.

Get the Help You Need!

Are you tired of this?  For billing dial 1, for sales dial 2, for technical support dial 3, for something else dial 4, etc?? Would you like to be able to call your copier company and have them just take care of your issue?  We know for some companies, being down is not an option. We can work with you to sell you products that allow for you to quickly swap out a part yourself, we know, you are not a tech, but it is easy and fixes the problem in a minute rather than hours.

When we really have to have it taken care of by a tech, we send a tech to you. We get you up and running quickly. We work with high-end advertising agencies, we work with the fashion industry, we work with financial institutions who require solutions that are out of the box to ensure there is no downtime. This is where our company excels. We work on a solution to your problem, not just a sales pitch.

Benefits of Working With Our Team

Free Installation

Our team believes in quality customer service which is why we offer free installation to anyone who asks and mentions seeing it on our website (we want to encourage you to stay on here a little while!)

Friendly Reps

Our reps are personable and work hard to get you the best solutions for your NYC business. We know nothing is worse than trying to get work done and having the copier breaking?

Ready to Have a New Copier Experience?

We do not have 1,000 copiers in a warehouse where we try and shove a copier onto your company that does not fit.  We customize and order every copier to fit your specific needs.  This means if you don't need stapling, you won't be paying for it.



We help you have a plan that includes everything but paper. We help you with the toners, parts, and technicians.  We even include a spare set of toner for the shelf so you are never down!



No looking for all the loopholes in a copier contract, when we get you a number, you can count on it for budgeting.  We don't escalate fees or charge extra for color coverage.




We can get you new copiers, or if you prefer, we have used copiers available too. We work within your preferences, we don't try to push an agenda.  A lot of the new copiers have come down in price, so we generally suggest new.  If you want used, they are available.


We want to make sure our clients are educated as they pursue their new copier!

IBeacon for Airprint on AltaLink Printers

Use the Apple iBeacon feature to simplify the process for Air-Print-enabled Apple devices such as your iPad, iPhone or mac computer can discover available AltaLink printers. This option also eliminates the need for AirPrint users to be on the same sub-net as the computer they are using. By installing the iBeacon Bluetooth adapter, it allows…

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How Does Color Coverage Affect Your Copier’s Monthly Costs?

What is color coverage? The answer is a little complicated, and this complication can cost you a boatload of money if you’re not careful. As people most commonly understand it, color coverage is the percentage of a page covered in color. However, the maximum color coverage isn’t 100%, it’s 380%. How Color Coverage Gets Calculated…

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The High Cost of “Free” Copier Upgrades

There is a fundamental misunderstanding floating around about leases that could needlessly cost businesses thousands of dollars. The company in question could be coming up at the end of their contract, and their copier rep sends them this great-sounding deal of a free upgrade if they sign another lease and update their copier with them.…

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Our Partners

Our primary partner is Xerox, but we do partner with many IT and technology solution providers to meet your needs!

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We are here to help and can work with you anywhere in the NYC area for copiers.  We can help in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, etc