Used Copiers

LadyMany times people in New York City are looking for a great deal, everything is so expensive.  So, in an effort to cut corners, they look at the copier as a great place to save money.

Buying a used copier can save a lot of money, we have customers we have sold used equipment to.  We believe it can be a great way to cut some costs, but too often buying a used copier winds up costing more rather than less.

For example, an advertising agency has been spending $1400 a month on their current copier, they call another vendor and can get the used copier for $1100 a month (they do a lot of color).  Anyway, they save $300 a month, which is significant.  But what happens if the color shifts in the first year and some of their awesome work starts to look worse, do they lose a big client.

Did the poor copier just cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Getting a cheaper copier is a good idea when the quality of the prints don’t need to be excellent.  If they need to be wonderful, then this is an area one should avoid scrimping on.

We can help you if you are looking for a used copier in Manhattan, NYC, Long Island, Queens, Bronx, Westchester or any area around NYC.  We cover the whole NYC metro and are currently the largest Xerox NARS dealer in NYC.