We Help All Over the NYC Area

Do you want to lease or purchase a copier in the NYC area?  Our staff understands the fine balance between getting a copier that is priced great and the other side of getting the service you need.   Let’s say company A charges 1.2 cents per black and white print.  Company B charges 9/10 of a penny for your prints.  If you do 10,000 prints in a month, we are only talking about $30 a month difference.  If the service levels are equal, may as well save the money.  However, if working with the “cheaper” copier company costs you an extra 2 hours a month, is it really worth the $30 savings.  We know you need a good deal, but we also know you don’t want to be dealing with copier issues.  When you work with us, we ensure you are happy with the price and happy with the service!