Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Copiers are not cheap, at least good copiers are not cheap.  If you are buying a copier, and wonder “What happens if this thing starts giving me a lot of trouble in year two?” We have an awesome program because of our Xerox connection that will put your mind at ease.  The program is called the Total Satisfaction Guarantee.  What this program is all about, in a nutshell is making sure people who spend a lot of money on their copier stay happy.

For example, if you spend $10000 on a copier and hate it in 16 months, it doesn’t benefit us and it is bad for Xerox.  So, instead of forcing you to fight with a lemon, Xerox swaps out the device.  Granted, there is some process involved as these are not cheap, but we have used this program with several clients, who through bad luck, bought a Xerox copier that just broke a lot.  We were the advocates for the clients, calling in to the technical team and helping to arrange the swap out.

The advantage of working with us is we sell millions of dollars of Xerox copiers, so we have some pull with Xerox you would not have on your own.  It is the same thing if you are an advertising agency that spends millions of dollars with NBC, you can get your clients taken care of faster than if they have to try themselves.

If you want to buy a copier and don’t care about the support later – you just want the cheapest copier, we are not for you.  If you want to get the support you deserve and work with a company with great attention to detail, please give us a call today!