[faq q=”What happens if my new copier keeps breaking?”]Xerox understands that technology can be a bit tricky. Every copier company has to deal with machines that simply won’t cooperate. This is why Xerox made the Total Satisfaction Guarantee. With this promise, every client can feel certain they will be happy, and know the manufacturer as well as the local sales group has their back![/faq]
[faq q=”Can you buy back our old copiers?”]We have recycling plans available for old copiers. In certain cases, manufacturer trade in values will surpass the value of your copier. Let’s chat, we will do our best to help you![/faq]
[faq q=”I have never heard of you, how do we know you’ll be around in a few years?”]Just 5 years ago our owner started this company with a dream. Today we do over $1M in revenue with a small staff. We have worked hard to ensure we are able to sustain the ebbs and flows of business. We have grown to be the largest partner in the North American Reseller channel for New York City. We are here to stay.[/faq]