Copier Buying Tips

5325Here are some tips that New York City area businesses will appreciate when it comes to purchasing copiers.

  1. Don’t cheap out.  Sure the old used copier or the small desktop is alluring, but is it worth having constant paper jams and issues given how expensive floor space and salaries are.  By spending a few grand more, you can more or less remove 80% or more of the typical problems that happen with the cheap copiers.
  2. Buy New – Used copiers break more.  Do you have the time to be a copier tech?  Most people don’t.  We can get you a copier at a very reasonable price that is new and will work awesome for years.
  3. Don’t get stuck with a lemon.  What happens if the copier you purchase breaks?  What if it breaks 9 times in month 10?  What will your copier company do?  With Xerox, we can enjoy the benefits of the Total Satisfaction Guarantee – basically it means if you aren’t a raving fan – Xerox will work to make it right and if necessary swap out the copier.
  4. Buy from someone you trust – You need to feel good about the copier you are going to purchase.  If you are looking for a copier, talk to reps and then make sure you feel comfortable.  If you are not comfortable, then don’t purchase.
  5. Don’t rush – Take your time, get comfortable, you are going to be using this copy machine for a long time.  We want to be your partner for the next 30 years.

Give us a call if you would like to discuss your copier needs.  We are always here for you.  When you purchase from us, we even give you the owner’s personal cell number to ensure you can talk to us if there is ever something you aren’t happy about.