IBeacon for Airprint on AltaLink Printers

Use the Apple iBeacon feature to simplify the process for Air-Print-enabled Apple devices such as your iPad, iPhone or mac computer can discover available AltaLink printers. This option also eliminates the need for AirPrint users to be on the same sub-net as the computer they are using.

By installing the iBeacon Bluetooth adapter, it allows for the printer to broadcast basic discovery information including a routable IP address while using the Bluetooth Low Energy beacon. Using iBeacon allows for those with Apple devices to connect to nearby AltaLink printers and print to them using Airprint.

Depending on the application they are using, users can select a file on their device, and select the Xerox Altalink printer in their share or additional options settings as the desired destination for their documents.

From the online support article for the AltaLink products, please review the requirements below in order to use iBeacon for Airprint with an Altalink printer.

Requirements for iBeacon option:

  • Enable iBeacon
  • A non link, routable local unicast IPv4 or IPv6 address that is configured to the network interface of the device.
  • Install the iBeacon Bluetooth adapter into the USB port on the back side of the AltaLink printer.
  • Enable IPP
  • The active interface is either Ethernet or wireless
  • The AirPrint user needs to be able to reach the printer using the IP address that the iBeacon is broadcasting. If the printer is using multiple routable IP addresses, the system administration can select the right IP address for the iBeacon device to connect to.
  • The printer can have the following IP address configurations
    • Multiple IPv6 addresses
    • An IPv4 address
    • Both an IPV6 address and multiple IPv6 addresses

Quick Note: After the iBeacon Bluetooth adapter is installed on a device, a message appears for 7 seconds to show the status of iBeacon installation. For additional information on the iBeacon application, search the term “iBeacon” in the online support for the model of AltaLink printer being used with it or give us a call today at 917-261-3411 to learn more about iBeacon and how it can help your business!