Basic Copier Shipping

If you have read our article about ending a copier lease then you know how important copier shipping can be. This is one of the most overlooked parts of many people’s leases. Not paying attention to your obligations when it comes to copier shipping is a great way to lose money for yourself. Basic copier shipping is easy to understand and plan for as long as you know what to look for.

The most basic thing to pay attention to is whether or not you are in charge of shipping your copier. This should be stated somewhere in your lease. It may not be very obvious at first glance, but there should be some provision that states who needs to worry about copier shipping. The vast majority of the time it is up to the person who started the lease to ship the copier back.

There are a number of reasons that copier companies want you to be in charge of copier shipping.

  1. They know you might forget about it
  2. If you forget then they can offer you free shipping to start another contract
  3. They have relationships with shipping companies so the pressure isn’t as high for them to make plans last minute

If you work with shipping companies early on your copier shipping payment should be relatively inexpensive. However the price will tend to rise the longer you wait, similar to airline flight tickets. Spots fill and it becomes more difficult to accommodate. This is why you should make plans early to avoid lost money and weird lease agreements that you are forced into.