Organize your Operation with Paper Trays

Your office printer or copying machine should be there to help you get work done, not clutter you up. It’s not unusual to have a machine that fits you needs only to see your business grow. Suddenly your printer needs to be able to handle a bunch of different jobs and your office has become a mess. One easy way to solve this is to organize your operation with paper trays.

Most office machines that we lease at NYC Copier have the option of adding additional paper trays. Adding paper trays to your printer can have a number of benefits. It can help you organize your operation by allowing you to store different media all in the same place.

For example, you may have begun your business with only the need for basic document printing. However, you may suddenly be in need of printing envelopes as well as labels and color posters. Instead of having everything laying around that you need to replace for each individual job, you could add paper trays to help separate everything.

Adding paper trays can help you organize your operation by cutting down on the extra supplies that are lying around.  You can sort everything out to help keep yourself organized.

  • Different colored paper
  • Different sized paper
  • Different paper weight
  • Add extra carrying capacity on legal pages

Organizing your operation with paper trays is a great way to keep your business flow working correctly. You will be able to save time by seamlessly switching from one job to another. You might be surprised how much time is spent just replacing paper. That’s not something you’ll have to worry about ever again when you add paper trays to your office printer.