Time for an Upgrade

If you have had your copier for a few years then you need to think about what it is doing or you. Copiers are there to make your life easier, so you should demand that every day. Some people become content with what they have and forget what it’s like to have to have a great machine. If your machine just isn’t cutting it anymore then it may be time for an upgrade.

Getting a copier upgrade can be an exciting time. Many people have their copiers for years, and technology changes a lot in that time. The best companies are making new models every year that are changing the way that offices across the country work. The most common copier lease length is 5 years, which means that a lot has probably changed since your last copier.

The best time for an upgrade is when you are approaching the end of your current lease. This gives you the opportunity to start thinking about what you want. You can also start talking with other leasing companies who may be able to help you more if you did not like your previous company.

It still may be time for an upgrade even if you aren’t at the end of your current lease. Business needs can change a lot in 5 years and you may not be able to use your older machine for your new demands. We have seen this before at NYC Copier and we can help you get what you need without having to spend an arm and a leg.

Give us a call today at NYC Copier if you think it is time for an upgrade. Our leases are fair and we will do what we can to get you the most for your money. We are the copier experts you need on your side when you think it’s time for an upgrade.