Check the Security of your Copier

Protecting your personal data is becoming more difficult as the world becomes more connected. Many people feel as though they are taking enough steps to protect themselves. Many people spend tons of money protecting their network security, but never consider how important it is the check the security of your copier.

Your office copier will always have some sort of hard drive inside it. These hard drives are essential to complete many of the jobs we have come to rely on. One of these jobs is the make a copy of every document that passes through your copier. This helps with a number of document management tasks, but can also leave you vulnerable.

If someone was the access your hard drive without security then they would be able to see a number of pieces of private information. Depending on what kind of business you run, there are a variety of critical pieces of information that could be stolen.

  • Social Security numbers
  • Bank Information
  • Home Address
  • Contact Information
  • Legal documents

It’s important to protect yourself from a potential security risk. Check to see if you have any security measures in place to protect yourself. Companies like Xerox offer optional extra security features to help add another level of your security to your copier.

Call NYC Copier today to get yourself set up with a security kit and start protecting your information. We can set you up with a copier that will do the jobs you need, all while keeping you protected from potential threats.