Increase Productivity with Searchable PDFs

abstraction with reading glasses and contract warranty type shallow dof

You can index documents using two methods: keywords or full-texts. If you choose keywords, they should be used as part of your tagging system or to describe the document. If you want to use full-text search, that means that every word within your document will be indexed, and you can look for matching words. You can also combine the two methods to pull up your PDFs faster. Searchable PDFs are worth doing because if you rely strictly on a keyword or tagging, if you tag something incorrectly, it can make it a real pain to pull up. It becomes invisible to your search efforts.

If you want to set up a good search engine, you should use at least three keywords per document. You do not want to have to remember when you created a document, or worse, having to scroll through the folder system to find it. Most of us will view at least one PDF per day in the office, so when you can pull them up faster, it will eliminate the search time and increase productivity. Having the right scanner becomes the first step to finding all the documents that you have created. For further information on office equipment, call us today.