Helpful Tips for Copiers

We do our best to design a paperless office, but there will always be a need for paper. Because of that, it can be useful knowing a few tips for your copier. First, understand that a lot of copiers come with bells-and-whistles, but that does not mean that they will match your needs. Also, you will oftentimes pay more for these copiers so create a priority list of the most important features.great-deals

While everyone needs to understand how to use the copier, you should have one or two individuals trained in everything there is to know about it. What it can and cannot do. In doing this, you will lower the amount of breakdowns that will cost your business money. Everyone needs to understand the symbols and dashboard, but you should designate the toner replacements to one or two people. The two people should also understand how to remove a paper jam.

When looking at a maintenance agreement, look at everything offered. Some might seem like a good deal, but you have to examine the terms in the contract. We have encountered many a rightfully irate customer who later found out their maintenance agreement did not cover as much toner replacement as they thought. For that reason, they wound up paying hundreds of dollars extra. Always look before you leap with a copier contract.