Why People Choose the 60-Month Copier Lease

After tracking our sales in leasing, we discovered an interesting trend. About 92 percent of the equipment we have leased involved the use of a third-party, and of that 92 percent, about 89 percent chose 60-month leases over the 24 to 34-month lease. Why? With a short-term lease, you can upgrade your technology faster, and after just two years of owning, the office industry can change so much.Questions

When you sign a 60 month lease, you will most likely encounter expensive parts failing, and you will need a reliable technician, but what if he or she quits in that 60-month period? With a short-term lease, you reduce that risk.

We found that one of the key reasons customers sign a 60-month lease is because they have access to a copier at lower monthly payments. After the lease ends so soon, they will have to ship the copier back to the leasing center, and they will have to send the company a notice of cancellation 90 to 180 days in advance. For a business that becomes an insane amount of hassle every 24 to 36 months, which is why many will choose a 60-month lease. They have to worry about doing it less often. Want to learn more about leasing? For further information, contact our copier company in NYC.