How to Boost Productivity and Increase Uptime for Your Copier

oopsNothing annoys a person more to press print, walk over to the copier and see an empty tray with a flashing light on the display screen. If you are tired of these productivity killers happening at your business, you have a couple things that you can do to increase your uptime.

First, avoid treating your copier like a giant coaster. We have received numerous service calls for customers who placed their coffee mug on the copier and had it spill into the internal components of the machine, a costly mistake.

Second, paper will move through the internal components, which can cause an accumulation of dust and dirt over time. Remember having an old PC mouse where you had to occasionally remove the ball to get rid of the crumbs? This is similar but on a larger scale. To keep dust and dirt from gumming up your copier, clean the air filter occasionally. Second, use a glass cleaner to clean all the areas with glass. Finally, remove the paper from the trays and use a can of air to blow away the dirt and dust on the paper.