How a Multi-function Device Contributes to a Greener Environment

Coins-LargeLooking to reduce your carbon imprint at the office? With the purchase of a multi-function device, you can boost productivity and efficiency at the office while contributing to a more eco-friendly environment. First, a multi-function device removes the need for the manufacturing of multiple devices. Because of this, you save much needed space in the office, and you reduce the demand for more materials.

Second, you can replace an out-of-date product that consumes more energy and jams the paper more often. When you buy a newer device, you are removing the wasted energy and getting the most updated system. With the newer multi-function devices, you will save on printer supplies. When you use supplies for a single MFP, you cut down on the amount of toner and other supplies needed on a monthly basis. Integrating your equipment into a single device will positively impact the environment.

With the newer copiers, you have a more energy efficient product. That will save you money on electricity, which also saves money. Finally, we have supply usage efficiency, which boils down to wise energy consumption. A newer product uses less supplies because it creates prints in a more efficient manner. Over the short term, you can save money, but over the long term, you can save hundreds of dollars with the right multi-function device.