Wait! Don’t Buy That 11 x 17 Copier Yet

kyocera-copierPlanning to purchase an 11 x 17 copier? When you visit various copier companies, you may discover that each sales representative will give differing advice. You want a cost efficient copier that still meets your needs. The most common trap people fall into when going to purchase a copier is thinking they need a tabloid capable (11 x 17) copier for letter/legal printing.

Think the low cost per print will justify buying a larger copier? In some cases, you may be right, but industry statistics reveal that you will spend 40 percent more over three years. In addition, an A3 copier hogs more space and power, and in many cases, it prints slower than an A4 copier. However, that examines market averages and may not always be the case.

Never let a sales representative fool you into buying an 11 x 17 copier if you do not need it. Less than three percent of printed pages use tabloid sheets. We recommend customers educate themselves on 11 x 17 copiers before they buy one because they may not need one. You have to look at what you print. In many situations, a letter/legal copier will save money, and if you never print tabloid, why pay extra?