Beware: Small MFPs and How the Cost Adds Up

belt-tighteningYesterday we spoke with a customer who wanted a Brother MFP 9440cn because they are a restaurant owner. They print 200 menus per day with light coverage, and they did not want to abuse their budget with an MFP. We gave an analysis with the 200 pages of color per day.

Know what the costs was over the course of three years? If we let this client trudge along his current path, he might have paid $17,600 total. We told him about a color device that will cost six times as much at first, but the total cost of ownership would save him almost $8,000 over time. 

What caused such a peculiar difference? When manufacturers design an engine cheap, you will often pay triple for the supplies. Unless you plan to print five pages per day, anyone can see a significant problem. Here are three factors that lead to the total cost per ownership:

  • Cost of the Supplies
  • Cost of the Equipment
  • Maintenance Costs

As print volumes soar, you have to look at the big picture. Need help with an analysis? Call now for a free consultation! We have helped countless customers understand their total cost of ownership.