Fine Print on Copier Contracts

7835What to Check: Fine Print Will Make or Break Your Experience

While leasing a copier may seem straightforward, you have to read the fine print before you sign a contract. You can negotiate unfavorable clauses out of the contract that include hidden fees, requirements and conditions. Check for these things before signing a lease to avoid expensive additions to your lease.End of Lease RequirementsThe majority of leasing companies require you to send a formal letter of cancellation 30 to 100 days before the end of the term. If you fail to send the letter, they can extend the lease for up to 12 months.

Initial Document Preparation Fee

An initial document preparation fee ranges from $75 to $200, but it becomes an easy point of negotiation, and you can simply ask the leasing company to take it out. Most of the time, they expect people to ask and waive the fee. However, if you do not ask, you will be stuck paying an extra $75 to $200.

Copier Insurance

When you carry an office insurance policy, the coverage is often sufficient for your new copier. Nevertheless, most leasing companies will charge for insurance unless you can provide them with documentation. However, do not wait to submit this to the company because you are usually only given 30 days within receiving your first invoice to submit proof to them.

You have to be aware of what your contract makes you responsible for, such as getting the copier back to the leasing company. If you are responsible for its return, you will have to pay for shipping, and this could cost you a fortune, depending on how far it needs to be shipped. Finally, be cautious of extra fees such as excessive wear and tear and take pictures and video before returning it.