How Are Copier Lease Costs Computed?

colorqube9301What Determines the Copier Lease Cost

Copier leases vary from company to company, so you want to receive numerous quotes to get the best deal. Leases allow businesses to preserve their capital while increasing productivity. In addition, the costs depend on the company, and you should always ask about hidden fees to make sure that you will not pay for extras that you that you were not warned about. For the most part, each lease contract is individualized and differs in rates and details.

Factors That Determine Lease Cost

While each company has their own way of charging customers, you will find some common factors that affect the price of a lease. Here are some things that affect the price of a lease:

  • Maximum Paper Size
  • Length of the Lease Term
  • Copier Features
  • Color or Monochrome
  • Pages Per Minute
  • Duplex

When looking at copier features, determine the essential features that you need and the ones that you will not need. The more features a copier has, the more you pay, and it does not make sense to pay extra for features that you will never use. In addition, how much you intend to copy or print will play a role in the amount paid for copier leasing. If you print a great deal of tabloid paper, you will pay more than someone who copies pages that are constrained to legal and letter size.

Before signing a contract, make sure the copier or printer meets your demands. You want to overestimate your needs a little, but not so much that you will be paying extra for something that you will never use. Mull over the contract carefully and examine every detail before signing it.