Returning a Leased Copier

7835How to Return a Copier at the End of a Lease

Your lease expired and your lease company sent you instructions to return it. What do you do next? First you prepare the copier, and then you ship it. However, you should return the copier as fast as possible so that the company cannot bill you for another cycle.Preparing Your Copier

First, you will have to remove the toner from the fax and small printer. Next, remove the liquid ink to avoid spilling ink. Next, each copier has a hard drive in them that stores documents from scanning and copying, which can contain personal information that you want to wipe clean. Follow Xerox’s manufacturer’s directions to clear the data. However, do not do a total disk wipe for the hard drive. The copier will not work, and the leasing company can charge you for damages to the hard drive. Remove the service logs, extra toner and CDs.

Shipping the Device

You can also talk to your vendor about shipping the copier. The vendor will make sure that the machine has been properly prepared for shipping, and they can remove the accessories without damaging the machine. You can also get the vendor to safely wipe the hard drive so that confidential information does not fall into the wrong hands.

When shipping the device, you can contact the warehouse for help. Most warehouses have connections with national shippers who can ship the copier. Nevertheless, you often have to prepay to ship it. Keep a copy of the paperwork that the shipper left you, and you will want to send the name of the shipper to your lease company, and the contract registration number so that they can track the shipment of their copier.