NYC Copier Lease Tip – Pass Throughs

colorqube9301Should Copier Maintenance Plans Be Included in Your Lease?

Some business owners are against copier maintenance plans because it adds up to extra costs. It has also been referred to as the copier service plan. In many cases, the lessee adds the maintenance plan because they do not want to write more than one check. However, other companies avoid it because a service plan adds up in interest and fees, whereas if they bill it separately, they do not have to worry about it.Service Costs

While it is not always the best idea to add this extra detail to the lease, there are ways to go about it. You can do this without paying interest or fees for the service. You can have your cake and eat it too! The option is referred to as apass-through. They call it a pass-through because the leasing company accepts a monthly payment from the lessee and passes the copier maintenance agreement part of the payment back to a local company who performs the maintenance. The pass-through allows you to get the copier service plan without paying fees to the leasing company. The copier service agreement will cover the toner and repairs. All you have to do is purchase paper.

Many lease customers love the convenience of paying everything at once, but they do not want to pay the interest and fees included in the service plan. With a pass-through, everyone wins. The leasing company will send the customer a single monthly bill that includes the service agreement, and the service plan portion of the payment will be sent to the local copier company. We now offer this single payment service to our customers for those who are interested in saving money on the fees and interest associated with a maintenance plan.