How to Lease a Copier in NYC

colorqube9301How to Lease a Copier

In many circumstances, it makes more sense to lease a copier because it gives you predictable expenses. Copier leases often cover the maintenance and repair of critical parts, which can cost thousands of dollars and save business owners from paying for a bad copier. If you want to lease a copier, you will pay a fee for each month, but certain things can be customized within your agreement. For example, you can customize the $1 buyout clause. What is that? At the end of your lease agreement, you are allowed to purchase the photocopier for just $1. This becomes a great option if you decide you like the equipment and want to keep it.A Cautionary Tale

However, be cautious of signing expensive copier leases that you do not need. One Manhattan school administrator talks about how she was filling in for her boss who was on academic leave when a high-pressure salesman coerced her into signing the lease for an expensive copier that the school did not need. Never let someone rush you into a lease. Should you decide to compare lease rates, ask each dealer for quotes. In addition, ask how many copies the machine can make each month. What initially seems cheap can cost more in the long term. A New York City school system can make approximately 40,000 copies per month for 550 students. However, they ended up with two machines that could produce 200,000 copies per month, which they didn’t need.

Before leasing, also check to see if maintenance and supplies are covered. If they are not covered, check to see if the agreement forces you to use the lease company’s repair staff and to buy toner only from them. In many cases, the supplies and repairs end up overpriced—you should always have the right to buy your own paper and contract technicians from outside a leasing company.