Go Green Leasing a Copier

Earth SymbolGo Green with a Copier Lease!

Going green refers to reducing your environmental impact in your day-to-day business activities. However, greening your business does not just help the environment: It helps your finances as well by saving on energy consumption and paper. Copiers that offer a lower energy consumption equate to less money paid in energy costs. Also, it reduces the carbon emissions associated with everyday business. To find a green copier, look for a model that features the Energy Star label.Low Paper and Energy Consumption

In addition, a lower paper consumption conserves this valuable resource. A copier with that offers lower paper consumption will often provide duplex capabilities, meaning that you can print on both sides of the sheet, which reduces your overall sheets used. Also, choosing a copier that jams less often will reduce the amount of paper wasted because jamming renders the copies unusable.

How Leasing Offers Business Owners a Greener Option Than Buying

When you lease a copier, you reduce the amount of waste generated from your business. For example, when you purchase a copier, the unit often fills a landfill when it ceases to be useful. Leasing, however, returns the copier to your leasing company after you no longer need it. In addition, leasing companies often repair or recycle older units to reduce the overall amount of waste.

If you want to dedicate your business to contributing to greener environment, we lease Xerox machines that provide business owners with an excellent choice in green features. We believe in conserving the earth’s natural beauty for future generations, and the best part about going green is that you save money on supplies and energy over time. Going green leads to a greater profit picture.