What I Learned About Copiers While Getting a New Phone System

7835We all seem to think we know how people want to buy.  I think people just want the cheapest thing that will work, end of story.  Well, buying a new VoIP phone system, I realized my priorities are not what I thought they were.

I was looking at two systems, and both are good, have good reputations, and make people’s lives easier.  When I started, I looked at pricing.  One was about $300 a month and the other was about $250 a month.  The one that was $250 was also easier to use and had better accessibility to customer service.  By my estimation, anyone would have gotten that phone system.

I then chatted my my friend who said he used the other system.  I was like, that’s cool, but I think I know what I want.  He suggested I really look at the options.  When I did, I realized there was a minutes limitation on the plan I was going to select.  If I went over the minutes, which I probably won’t….  it would then be more expensive.  I didn’t like that risk.  At all.  So I kept looking and asking.  Then as I looked more and more, I couldn’t get over the fact I would rather have a simple fixed cost.

What does this have to do with buying a copier in NYC?  I have always thought if products were about the same, then people would just go with the one with the cheaper sticker price.  Maybe that is true, but sometimes we are trying to avoid risk.

  • Is the company I am buying from going to be in business in a year?
  • Do I understand the pricing?
  • Is the product one with a good reputation?
  • Will they raise costs unexpectedly?
  • Do I have a fixed cost or are there a bunch of variable costs?

Buying a copier can be stressful.  I see why we have lost some deals in the past, when we forgot about the customer fears, we get into the mode of providing what “makes sense,” but in pushing that, we may miss the most important decision element.  The phone company that lost our business did so on the basis of one thing I could not get past.  They were cheaper, nicer, and easier to use…  but I still choose the other, because I felt more certain.

Please let us know what you care about the most in your NYC copier purchase and we would love to help you solve that problem!