Copier Data Security

Internet securityIf you have been running a copier for the last 4 or five years and are thinking about returning the copier, then have you also thought about data security.  Did you know a lot of copiers get returned and then sold in the aftermarket and are often sold off to Asia, Africa and India?

Now this data can end up getting burned in a landfill or it can be stolen out of a hard-drive.   Copies you made, originals just floating around.  Is that OK with you?  If not, before you send a copier back, you may want to make sure the hard drive has been reformatted.

If you just pull the hard drive and send it back, it is possible you will get charged by the copier company for sending back a non working copier.

If you reformat the drive according the specs, the data will be gone and the copier will still work well.  The lease company can’t charge you and your data is safe.

If you have copier security concerns , please give us a call today!