Too Many Copiers, Too Many Choices

7835There are just too many different copiers in the marketplace at the moment.  If there were say 10 manufacturers making just 10 copiers each, that would be 100 to choose from.  Unfortunately, there are a lot more than that out there.  Let’s look at how bad the problem is.

Xerox – The inventor of the copier currently has at least 75 copiers themselves.  Some of the common ones include the WorkCentre™ 3215, WorkCentre™3225, WorkCentre™ 3310, WorkCentre™ 6027, WorkCentre™ 6015, WorkCentre™ 3325, WorkCentre™ 6505, WorkCentre™ 6605, WorkCentre™ 6655, Phaser 3635, WorkCentre™ 3615, WorkCentre™ 4265, WorkCentre™ 4260, WorkCentre™ 4150, Colorqube™ 8700, Colorqube™ 8900, Colorqube™ 9301, Colorqube™ 9302, Colorqube™ 9303, WorkCentre™ 6400, WorkCentre™ 5325, WorkCentre™ 5330, WorkCentre™ 5335, WorkCentre™ 7220, WorkCentre™ 7225, WorkCentre™ 5945, WorkCentre™5955, WorkCentre™ 7830, WorkCentre™ 7835, WorkCentre™ 7845, WorkCentre™ 7855, Then the stuff we don’t really sell like the WorkCentre™ 7970, Xerox Color c60, Xerox Color C70, Xerox D95A, Xerox D110, and the Xerox C75 Color press.

All of these models from just one manufacturer.  Makes you realize what an expert you need when choosing a copier for your company.  We work hard to ensure the Xerox copiers we sell in NYC are the best fit for the client and will cause the least issues.  We want to work with all companies and non-profits we can to help companies in NYC save a few bucks, but more importantly, purchase the right copier.

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