Manhattan Copier Leasing

VIPA business in Manhattan knows all about costs.  It is crazy how expensive everything can be these days.  If a person is spending $50 a square foot, like many do, the value of the space is at a premium.   When we are selling copiers in Manhattan, the price of the copier is almost always a moot point.  This is not because we believe in overcharging, but because a copier is such a minor expense to a company in NYC.

If a company has 2000 square feet, their spaces costs are so much more than a copier would ever get close to.  It is far more important the copier is always working than the copier is $10 a month cheaper than other copiers.

We believe part of the art of selling and leasing copiers in Manhattan is helping people understand being cheap on the copier is only going to hurt them because it is such a minor expense compared to people and space.

If you have been looking to lease a copier in Manhattan, please give us a call today!