Buying a Copier, But the Old Lease is Killing Us….

no regretsWe were chatting with a potential client the other day.  They are an attorney’s office in the heart of Manhattan.  A place where the billable hour is in the $500 an hour range.  Having copier problems so attorneys can’t get the work done in a timely manner is not even an option for these guys.  In fact they are so serious about the need to always be able to work, they have 4 copiers in an office where they would normally only need 2.  The cost for being down is a lot more expensive than the cost of backup copiers.  Plus, at a few hundred bucks a month each, this potential client is more worried about keeping things moving rather than being the cheapest.

We looked at their office and noticed some ways to increase efficiency without costing them more money.  For example, on their current Kyocera copiers, if anything but the toner goes out, it will require a service tech to go onsite.  This could be 4 hours of down time.  With the Xerox copiers we sell, 85% of service calls can be address with less than 3 minutes of user intervention time (which is faster than how long it even takes them to place a service call).

Xerox builds copiers which understand the need to stay operational.  Many of the parts are changeable by the user and very fast.  Even items like the fuser or transfer belts.  With other copier companies, it could be 4 or 5 hours of downtime.  Maybe this potential client will feel comfortable with just 1 extra copier rather than 2.

Now they are just trying to deal with the lease.  There is about 14 months remaining in the lease and it has a pretty hefty buyout.  It may be because it was a 5 year lease and for this client, given their concerns for uptime should have been a 3 year or max 4 year lease.  One of the things we really stay sensitive to is what the client is trying to do and what matters to them so we don’t sell copiers that will ultimately make business harder on the client.  We are working with the client to come up with a buyout solution that will work for them.  They may decide to wait a few more months to decrease their buyout, a lot of this will be determined by how many more service calls they have on their current copiers.

If you need a copier in NYC, please give us a call!  We are here for your business.