Xerox Product Registry Programs & Eco-Labels

Most Xerox products exceed certifications for environmental sustainability. These requirements and certifications include the international EPEAT and Energy Star, and Germany’s Blue Angel.

Your workspaces will become more reliable with Xerox energy and cost-saving practices. You will reduce your overall carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.  

EPEAT Rating

EPEAT is a complete environmental rating system designed to identify various electronic equipment that meets various environmental criteria. These ratings combine a range of criteria for product design, manufacturing, energy consumption, recycling, and independent manufacturer variations. 

Xerox has a wide range of EPEAT products in fourteen different countries, and these products range in Gold, Silver, and Bronze in ratings. 

Energy Star Rating

This rating program was initiated in 1993 by the EPA, and Xerox was its Charter Partner. Under this program, the EPA developed testing techniques to find out and certify various products and how they save energy. 

These Programs introduced more strict policies for manufacturers to make products that reduce energy consumption significantly. Xerox products come with an Energy Star certification to ensure its commitment to the latest requirements of this program. 

Blue Angel Certification

Blue Angel is the first environmental-related certification for products and services around the globe. It originated in Germany, and since 1978, it has promoted ecological awareness. They introduce strict requirements for manufacturers and service providers to reduce their chemical emissions, recyclable design, materials selections, and energy consumption. 

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