Saving on Copier Prints

If you want to save money on your copier every month then you should look towards your print costs. The price of prints is one of the most common areas that people spend more than they should. They get convinced by a salesperson to get more than they should just so that person can make money. Saving on copier prints is all about knowing how to determine what’s best on your own. 

Copier salespeople like to use fear as a way to sell more paper. For instance, they will try and make it seem like buying too little paper will financially ruin you later because of higher print costs you may need to pay if you need extra. The reality is that this is not the case. Do not let a salesperson talk you into buying more than you know you need.

  • Calculate how many prints you use a month. Be modest here and don’t over exaggerate. Its important to be as close to the number as possible.
  • Find out the cost of getting additional paper if you use your monthly supply. This is crucial to calculating what will be the cheaper option.
  • Do not let the salesperson sell you more than you chose in the first option. Do not be afraid to disagree with them. It doesn’t do you any good to buy more paper than you need.

What salespeople are trying to do is sell you more than you need, knowing full well that you won’t use it. For instance, if you usually use around 15,000 prints a month, they might suggest you get 20,000 a month. That way if you need the paper then you have it.

However, they know that even at a low price per print that you will still be paying more for the 20,000 prints. They also know that you will most likely never use those extra prints so it’s just extra money in their pocket.

Saving on your copier prints is really about buying the amount that you need. Playing “just in case” is not a good idea when it comes to prints. It will most likely mean that you are just paying for a service you will never use.