Why Should I Consider a Xerox Copier in NYC?

colorqube9301If you are looking for a copier in NYC, you should give us a call. We work with Xerox, the leader in the copier industry.  Some people ask us, Why Xerox?  What makes Xerox the brand we recommend to our clients?

Here are some of the reasons we recommend Xerox copiers in NYC and Manhattan

  • Xerox is a recognized market leader, having invented the copier in the first place
  • Xerox has always gone with the model of quality first and then pricing
  • Xerox is willing to swap out units, free to you if there is a recognized lemon.
  • Xerox has a policy of allowing 1 extra of each supply item on the shelf
  • Xerox ships parts and replacement supplies overnight.

Choosing a copier company can be challenging.  We hope you choose us for your copier needs in NYC!