NYC Copier Dealers – A Very Competitive Market!

If you have been looking to purchase or lease a copier in NYC, it has to be a tough call.  There are so many quality dealers to choose from and how do you know who is going to have your when things go south.


A Good 20 dealers all 10 to 20 blocks from one another...

A Good 20 dealers all 10 to 20 blocks from one another…

So what is a business supposed to do when it is obvious right from Google Maps, there are at least 20 dealers within a one mile radius.

Now that’s competition.  But what happens when the good competition that drives down pricing gets so competitive the providers can no longer provide a quality service?  Sure you paid $15/mo cheaper than bought from the copier dealer at a higher margin, but the fact so many people grind the copier dealer down on price, it has changed from a whatever you need model to a what do you want model.

We still treat people the right way and we would love to work with your company.  Please give us a call so we can chat!  We would love to be taken care of in a professional and friendly fashion!