The Value of Spares

VIPHave you ever been using your copier and doing a really important job only to realize you ran out of toner and when you call the copier company, they let you know it will take a couple of days to get another one?  This can be frustrating.  When working with us, this is not a concern.  Why?  We allow you you to have a spare of all of the consumable items you may need to keep your copier running.  We know no one likes to run out of toner, so why not work with you to make sure all the stuff you might run out of is already there?

We understand your business matters.  This is why we partner with Xerox and have a plan that allows you to keep a toner on the shelf along with other consumable items like drums, fusers, transfer assemblies, and drums.  We don’t want you to be stuck and down any more than you want to be stuck or down!

If you are tired of running out of toner and having consistent emergencies with your copier, give us a call!  We sell copiers all over NYC and would love to help your company!